We’re Transforming AI Infrastructure

Ori is an AI cloud scaleup that provides a new breed of GPU compute infrastructure and orchestration solutions to technology companies globally.

We believe AI is radically transforming industries that drive the progress and betterment of humanity—from science, healthcare and commerce, to technology and the arts. However, the scarcity of GPU-accelerated chips and inefficient usage of GPU compute resources greatly limit how fast we can build the future of AI. Ori is solving these challenges by making AI infrastructure more accessible, available and affordable.

Our mission is to enable and democratize access to AI infrastructure to developers everywhere.

We envision a future where training and deploying AI applications is as simple and seamless as deploying software is today—unrestricted by infrastructure limitations. With our GPU cloud, we’re hoping to inch progress forward by helping AI companies unlock the full potential of training, deploying, and serving AI models at a commercial scale.