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The most cost effective, easy-to-use, and customizable
AI native GPU platform from bare-metal to serverless Kubernetes

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Virtual Machines

Launch GPU-accelerated instances highly configurable to your AI workload & budget.

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Private Cloud

Fully customizable GPU clusters built to your specific requirements at the cheapest cost possible.

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Why Ori

Ship AI economically with Ori


We go above and beyond to find metal for you when GPUs are scarce and unavailable.


Ori specialises only in AI use cases, enabling us to be the most cost effective GPU cloud provider.


Highly configurable compute, storage and networking, from one GPU to thousands.


On-demand cloud access to NVIDIA’s top Tensor Core GPUs: H100, A100 and more.

NVIDIA® Hardware

Access High-end GPUs

Select from the latest generation of high-end NVIDIA GPUs designed for AI workloads. Our team can advise you on the ideal GPU selections, network and storage configurations for your use case.

H100 80GB SXM

From $2.20/h*

The NVIDIA H100 SXM is available on-demand and reserved instances, offering up to 80GB of HBM3 memory and up to 3.35TB/s bandwidth, delivering exceptional performance for demanding workloads.

GH200 SXM 80GB

Available Q3 by Request

The NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper™ available on request with up to 144GB of HBM3e and up to 4.9TB/s memory bandwidth - 1.5x more bandwidth than the H100.


Available Q1 '25 by Request

The NVIDIA GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchip available on request, offering up to 384GB of HBM3e memory and an impressive 16TB/s bandwidth. Experience unparalleled performance and efficiency for your most demanding applications.

Need large GPU clusters
 HGX or DGX SuperPODS?

Ori has experience in providing AI infrastructure on the most powerful GPU assemblies on the market—whether you need NVIDIA DGX systems or massive GPU clusters for AI at scale.

GPU Cloud Benefits

Upscale to AI-centric Infrastructure

The promise of AI will be determined by how effectively AI teams can acquire and deploy the resources they need to train, serve, and scale their models. By delivering comprehensive, AI-native infrastructure that fundamentally improves how software interacts with hardware, Ori is driving the future of AI.

Broad range of GPU resources

Ori offers a range of NVIDIA GPUs tailored for different processing needs. This ensures a higher concentration of more powerful GPUs readily available for allocation compared to traditional cloud providers.

Purpose-built for AI use cases

We optimize the latest GPU servers for a wide range of AI/ML applications. Ori’s AI cloud experts specialize in AI-specific architectures to help you bring large-scale AI projects to life.

Cost-effective AI computing

Ori’s GPU instances are up to 75% cheaper when compared to hyperscale cloud providers.  Our transparent, per-minute billing with no  egress fees makes your AI computing costs more predictable.

One Platform, compute flavours

From virtual machines to bare metal and Serverless Kubernetes, Ori provides you a variety of configurations to suit your use case. Scale effortlessly from fractional GPU instances all the way to custom private clouds, all on one platform.

Skip the GPU waitlist

Guarantee GPU availability of H100s, A100s and more for AI training, fine-tuning and inference at any scale.

*Pricing displayed for long term contracts. For individual GPU instances on-demand please visit the Pricing page.