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Virtual Machines

Launch GPU-accelerated instances highly configurable to your AI workload & budget.

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Private Cloud

Fully customizable GPU clusters built to your specific requirements at the cheapest cost possible.

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NVIDIA® Hardware

Access High-end GPUs

Select from the latest generation of high-end NVIDIA GPUs designed for AI workloads. Our team can advise you on the ideal GPU selections, network and storage configurations for your use case.

GH200 SXM 80GB

Available Q2 by Request

The NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper™ Superchip is a breakthrough design with a high-bandwidth connection between the Grace CPU and Hopper GPU to enable the era of accelerated computing and generative AI.

The superchip delivers up to 10X higher performance for applications running terabytes of data, enabling scientists and researchers to reach unprecedented solutions for the world’s most complex problems.

H100 80GB

Starting at $3.24/h

The NVIDIA H100 is an ideal choice for large-scale AI applications. NVIDIA Hopper that combines advanced features and capabilities, accelerating AI training and inference on larger models that require a significant amount of computing power.

A100 80GB

Starting at $3.29/h

From deep learning training to LLM inference, the NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU accelerates the most demanding AI workloads. Up to 4x improvement on ML training over the V100 on the largest models. Up to 5.5x improvement on top HPC apps over the V100.

Need GPU clusters

Ori has experience in providing AI infrastructure on the most powerful GPU assemblies on the market—whether you need NVIDIA HGX 8x GPU boards, or a massive NVIDIA DGX ecosystem for AI at scale.

GPU Cloud Benefits

Upscale to AI-centric Infrastructure

The promise of AI will be determined by how effectively AI teams can acquire and deploy the resources they need to train, serve, and scale their models. By delivering comprehensive, AI-native infrastructure that fundamentally improves how software interacts with hardware, Ori is driving the future of AI.

Always-available GPU resources

Ori houses a large pool of various GPU types tailored for different processing needs. This ensures a higher concentration of more powerful GPUs readily available for allocation compared to general-purpose clouds.

  • Spin up in seconds
  • Configure instances
  • Access the latest GPUs
  • Train and process faster
  • Pool GPU resources

AI-centric specialized services

We optimize the latest GPU servers for a wide range of AI and machine learning applications. Specialized knowledge of AI-specific architectures and GPU cloud services are crucial for cutting-edge AI or research projects to run at scale.

  • Regional-sovereign data infrastructure
  • Specialized networking and storage
  • Fully managed GPU cloud
  • Kubernetes-on-Demand
  • Ori Professional Services

Purpose-built for AI use cases

Ori Global Cloud enables the bespoke configurations that AI/ML applications require to run efficiently. GPU-based instances and private GPU clouds allow for tailored specifications on hardware range, storage, networking, and pre-installed software that all contribute to optimizing performance for your specific workload.

  • Deep learning
  • Large-language models (LLMs)
  • Generative AI
  • Image and speech recognition
  • Natural language processing
  • Data research and analysis

Cost-effective at massive scale

Ori is able to offer more competitive pricing year-on-year, across on-demand instances or dedicated servers. When compared to per-hour or per-usage pricing of legacy clouds, our GPU compute costs are unequivocally cheaper to run large-scale AI workloads.

NVIDIA® hardware in the cloud

From bare metal, to virtual machines, to private NVIDIA® SuperPOD HGX and DGX clusters, Ori provides the high-end hardware designed for AI, but deployed on a fully managed cloud infrastructure built for ease of use.

Kubernetes experiences on GPUs

From bare metal and virtual machines, to private NVIDIA® SuperPOD HGX and DGX clusters, Ori provides a layer of containerized services that abstract AI infrastructure complexities across CI/CD, provisioning, scale, performance and orchestration.

Why Ori

Ship AI economically with Ori


We go above and beyond to find metal for you when GPUs are scarce and unavailable.


Ori specialises only in AI use cases, enabling us to be the most cost effective GPU cloud provider.


Highly configurable compute, storage and networking, from one GPU to thousands.


On-demand cloud access to NVIDIA’s top Tensor Core GPUs: H100, A100 and more.

Skip the GPU waitlist

Guarantee GPU availability of H100s, A100s and more for AI training, fine-tuning and inference at any scale.