Ori Kubernetes On Demand

Run AI/ML Workloads with Less Overhead Cost

Our fully managed K8s on demand service is designed to help large AI models deploy and run at scale efficiently.

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  • Virgin media
  • Telefonica
  • Basecamp Research
  • Yepic AI
  • kyndryl

Fully Managed Kubernetes

Elastic GPU compute combined with a fully managed, end-to-end Kubernetes experience

Ori takes care of the control plane and scaling compute, so you always have elastic AI infrastructure without management pains or wasted resources on idle GPU compute.

Fully managed Kubernetes, single control plane

Ori handles all of the control-plane infrastructure and cluster management, allowing AI developers to focus on building world class ML models.

Elastic GPU compute,
pay for what you use

Auto-scaling maximizes your GPU resources to slim down your cloud compute bills. Easily scale from zero to thousands of nodes.

Preconfigured and optimized 
for machine learning

Drivers and frameworks can come preinstalled to get you up and running in no time.

Cloud Native Tooling

Easily integrate all the tools you rely on

Ori Kubernetes On Demand makes it easy to use all the tools you need for AI workloads. Unlike other specialized clouds, you can use your own existing Helm charts without needing to adapt them to our platform.

Managed Kubernetes Experience

All the benefits of Kubernetes without the complexity

Running AI models on fully managed Kubernetes simplifies compute nodes and cluster management. Easily scale your pods, optimize resource utilization and ensure reliability, security and availability.

Ori Kubernetes On DemandSelf-managed
Managed control planeYesNo
Deployment and scalingYesNo
OS and CUDA driver installationYesNo
Networking configurationYesNo
Storage and fractional GPUsYesNo
Integrations requestsYesNo
Professional services & supportYesNo

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Scale your ML models without the headaches of managing infrastructure and complex Kubernetes deployments.