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Secure early access to the world’s most powerful NVIDIA Blackwell architecture with Ori’s Generative AI Native GPU Cloud

Be the first to reserve NVIDIA B100, B200 and GB200s. The NVIDA Blackwell architecture will be the world's most powerful accelerators for AI and high-performance computing (HPC) in 2024.

  • Unprecedented Power: 208 billion transistors packed into the industry's largest chip design, delivering unparalleled performance.
  • Groundbreaking Efficiency: A groundbreaking multi-chipset design ensures optimal utilization of this immense processing power.
  • Seamless Integration: Full-cache coherency with a unified dual-chip configuration guarantees smooth operation.

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You can access NVIDIA A100 or H100s GPUs today on Ori Global Cloud instances on demand. For large-scale private GPU cloud clusters, contact our experts.

NVIDIA B100 - B200 - GB200

Introducing Three Blackwell Configurations

The upcoming NVIDIA Blackwell architecture is a significant leap in generative AI and GPU-accelerated computing. It features a next-gen Transformer Engine and enhanced interconnect, significantly boosting data center performance far beyond the previous generation.


Nearly 80% more powerful computational throughput compared to the “Hopper” H100 previous generation. The “Blackwell” B100 is the next generation of AI GPU performance with access to faster HBM3E memory and flexibly scaling storage.


A Blackwell x86 platform based on an eight-Blackwell GPU baseboard, delivering 144 AI petaFLOPs and 192GB of HBM3E memory. Designed for HPC use cases, the B200 chips offer the best-in-class infrastructure for high-precision AI workloads.


The “Grace Blackwell'' GB200 supercluster promises up to 30x the performance for LLM inference workloads. The largest NVLink interconnect of its kind, reducing cost and energy consumption by up to 25x compared to the current generation of H100s.

Reserved Access

Ori Private Cloud

Reserve guaranteed access thousands of NVIDIA's most powerful GPU-accelerated cloud infrastructure. Designed to make ML training and inference affordable at scale.

  • Simplified Management
  • Top-of-the-line GPUs
  • Guaranteed Pricing
  • Fully Managed Cloud Services
  • Unmatched Customizability

On-demand Access

Ori Public Cloud

Launch GPU-accelerated instances highly configurable to your AI workload & budget. Deploy and manage virtual machines on Ori Global Cloud with ease. Competitive pricing. Dedicated support.

  • High Availability
  • Fast Spin-up Times
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Ease of Scalability
  • Top-end range of NVIDIA SKUs

Kubernetes on Demand

CI/CD and Containerization for AI

Ori Global Cloud offers two distinct Kubernetes services designed to cater to different needs while providing powerful, scalable, and efficient container orchestration, including a Serverless Kubernetes service and Ori GPU Clusters.

  • GPU Support
  • Kubectl Access
  • Fully Managed K8s Environment
  • Familiar K8s Experiences
  • Cost-Efficient Pay-as-you-go
  • Dynamic Scalability & Utilization